ITS is pleased to announce the new and improved M: drive. Unlike the I drive, the M: Drive is an additional shared drive which is strictly used to store media files, such as pictures and videos. This service does have cost associated as well, which will let you purchase additional storage if needed.




Departments would only pay for as much as storage as they need, making this a very flexible and expandable storage option. Currently departments buy external storage devices of a fixed size, based on what the manufacturer offers, that is usually unrelated to their needs. This results in a lot of wasted space.


With this technology files can be restored from a certain point of time without IT intervention (will be available in the future).


The entire office among multiple users and between MAC and PC as opposed to the current setup of external devices not being shareable at all.


Physical security as a USB device can be easily stolen whereas this device would be in a secured location. Logical security can be achieved via Active Directory permissions resulting in only authorized users being able to access and edit content.


This enterprise solution will have better performance than a consumer grade USB standalone solution resulting in faster read and write times.

Staff Core Competency

Departments would not need to run and fund their own devices. This will result in freeing up department staff time and valuable resources. This will also help us easily process help desk calls related to the M: drive, since this space will now be run by ITS.

Backup and Redundancy

Since this device will be run by ITS, it will be secure and backed up to a different campus for disaster recovery purposes.



The cost for the M Drive starts at $1000 for 1TB for a period of 3 years. Additional increments of 1TB can be purchased thereafter.


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