ITS Account creation, reactivation, and renewal for Class 1, 3, and 4 employees. For more information about employee classes, visit the University Human Resources HR definitions page. The user for whom the ITS account is being requested must have an NetID.

Full Time Staff Account Request Form


What is an ITS account and how is it different from a Rutgers NetID?

An ITS account is the primary account our office provides to its users. This account is to be used to access the services that we manage.

An ITS account is not the same as a Rutgers NetID.

Why a Rutgers NetID and an ITS account look similar

Users often comment on how similar the two accounts are. This is because an ITS account uses the same username as your NetID. While these two accounts hold the same username, they are two separate accounts.

Imagine using the same exact username when doing online banking for two different banks.

Where and when to use an ITS Account

  • Logging into any desktop computer that's serviced and maintained by NB ITS
  • Accessing Self Service Password Reset (SSRPM) to either reset or unlock ITS Account passwords
  • Accessing the online help desk, Dell KACE, to check the status of a ticket or use Software Portal to download software to any desktop computer that's serviced and maintained by NB ITS.
  • Authenticating against the ITS Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Remotely logging into a desktop computer serviced and maintained by NB ITS via Remote Desktop after authenticating against ITS VPN

Where and when to use a Rutgers NetID

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